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Tokuyama America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokuyama Corporation. Located in Japan, our parent company is leading chemical industries not only in Japan, but worldwide. Tokuyama Corporation was proud to celebrate its 90th anniversary by continuing to expand its international businesses throughout North America, Europe and Asia. To learn more about Tokuyama Corporation, please visit

Tokuyama America was established in 1989 in Burlingame, California as a sales office for advanced chemicals including fine chemicals, ceramics and medical products. Always looking to the future, in 2007, we relocated our headquarters just outside Chicago in Arlington Heights, Illinois to expand our sales to central and eastern regions of the United States. We are continually moving forward to meet the needs of businesses all over North America.

Venture to the Future

Our research and development teams are continually striving to improve the performance of our products and to develop new ones to meet the world’s increasing demand for sustainable business and environmental solutions. We aim towards sustainability so we can improve the world for future generations.

Tokuyama is always encountering unique needs and challenging applications in new fields of business. We welcome ideas from our customers and proposals for joint collaboration. We believe our advanced products and technologies can further your business and encourage growth. Let us all Venture to the Future!

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