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Thermosetting Hard-Coating Liquid


Excellent scratch resistance

The liquids display hard coating properties during the steel wool test and Bayer test.

Excellent durability

The liquids show little deterioration from heat and light and cause little degradation in adhesion properties. They also have stability against various chemicals.

Excellent stability and preservation

Because of its excellent stability, the liquids can be transported and stored requiring no special conditions.
Note: They can be stored for two months when kept cold.

Application: Plastic Lenses

Product Description Shipping Patterns Shipping Unit Packaging
TS-56T Tintable hard coating liquid 2 liquids 12 kg UN Packaging
TS-56H Excellent hard coating liquid 2 liquids 8 kg UN Packaging
TS-56DX High refractive index hard coating liquid 3liquids 12 kg UN Packaging



Liquid Properties*1   Unit TS-56T TS-56H TS-56DX
Appearance -- White turbid liquid White turbid liquid Light yellow turbid liquid
Viscosity mPa•s(25°C) 2~4 2~4 2~4
Specific gravity 25°C 0.9~1.0 0.9~1.0 0.9~1.0
Solid Content % 20 23 25
Film Properties Light permeability 550nm % 92 92 92
Adhesion properties*2 -- 100/100 100/100 100/100
Abrasion resistance Steel wool test*3

Bayer test



Boiling test*4 -- 100/100 100/100 100/100
Chemical resistance*5 -- Excellent Excellent Excellent
Weather resistant*6 -- Excellent Excellent Excellent

*1. Properties in prepared coating liquid
*2. Adhesion test by crosshatch peeling test
*3. 5-grade visual evaluation of the appearance after abrasion with #0000 steel wool for 10 to-and-fro movements under 1 kg load.
      A: Equivalent to the surface of glass. E: Equivalent to the surface of a non-coated lens.
*4. Adhesion test after 2 minutes of boiling in pure water.
*5. 24-hour immersion test using 5% hydrochloric acid, 0.4% caustic soda, IPA, and acetone
*6. Adhesion test after irradiation by a xenon lamp fade meter for 200 hours.

※ These physical properties are examples of typical measured performance and are not intended as specifications.


Coating Conditions

  TS-56T, TS-56H, TS-56DX
Room temperature 18~20°C
Humidity 40~50%
Application Method DIP method
Filtration conditions 1 micron PP filter
Lifting-up speed 30cm/min
Curing conditions 120°C x 3 hours



(UN NO.) 1139 (UN CLASS) 3.2 (Flammable Liquid)

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