Tokuyama America

Plastic Lens monomer


Easy to mold

It is possible to mold in the same manner as the CR-39 monomer.

Excellent surface workability

High performance is achieved by improved dye-affinity and combined use of TOKUYAMA hard coating liquid.

Excellent preservation stability

The monomer can be stored for 6 months at ordinary temperatures.

Excellent UV absorption properties

The monomer blocks UV.


Application: Plastic Lenses

Product Description Shipping Unit Packaging
TS-46 Moderate refractive index lens monomer 200kg Drum
TS-216 High refractive index lens monomer 200kg Drum
BL-1 Bluing agent for lens monomer (Bluish purple) 3kg Polyethylene bottle
BL-2 Bluing agent for lens monomer (Reddish purple) 3kg Polyethylene bottle



Liquid Properties   Unit TS-46 TS-216
Appearance -- Transparent Liquid Transparent Liquid
Specific gravity 25°C 1.17 1.28
Refractive index nD25 1.54 1.55
Dynamic Viscosity mm2/s(40°C) 130 100
Lens Properties Refractive Index nD25 1.55 1.59
Abbe number -- 40* 32
Light transmittance % at 550nm 90* 88
Specific gravity -- 1.28* 1.39
Yellowness index (ASTM D1925) -- 1.0* 1.3
Hardness (Rockwell L-scale) -- 105* 110
Tintability -- Tintable Tintable
Hard coating properties -- Good Good

*Polymer properties when 30 wt % of Diethyleneglycol bisallycarbonate was mixed and polymerized.
※ These physical properties are examples of typical measured performance and are not intended as specifications.




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